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Chinese Language Publishing creates resources for Chinese teachers and students and works with developers and publishers to enable their new or existing resources to take advantage of new technology. We are now able to take any resource, software or pdf, and distribute it electronically safely, easily and securely to any user, whether in school, on the move or at home. Apps can be run on any platform, Android or iPad in the same way.

We have great pleasure in announcing a unique introductory Chinese Language course for younger learners. Introducing a 2 set package with a vocabulary of 152 words ready for classroom use. Each set includes: a text book master, workbook master, a toolbox CD containing PowerPoints of the entire course with character drawing sheets and animated GIFs of all characters, a stand-alone language lab for use in school or at home, pronunciation practise software and a teacher guide. As an example the contents of each set could be delivered in 60 lessons spread over two years.
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We also provide links to other great resources from around the world on our twitter feed. Here are a couple of examples:



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