Chinese SoundBooth

Chinese Soundbooth  

provides a self-paced foreign language learning environment that can be used by teachers within a classroom or by students at home, by turning any Windows PC into a digital language lab. The only additional local hardware required is a headset with microphone and all audio recordings are automatically saved as mp3 files. The simple but effective controls mean it is suitable for all ages and all languages. Publishers can add Soundbooth One to any language publication where recorded audio is provided to enhance the learning process.

Lessons created by the drag and drop Chinese Soundbooth Lesson Builder, which will be available in the Autumn of 2016, are simply copied into the Chinese Soundbooth lessons folder to be made available on the drop down lesson menu. A pinyin drop down keyboard enables learners to type in pinyin with tone marks.

Soundbooth write in Chinese

Practice exams can also be created to match past papers giving learners the opportunity to perfect their listening and reading skills.  Recording pauses included in the audio tracks enables learners to listen and then record themselves.  All the audio recordings are saved automatically for review or assessment.

YCT Listening exams

Any language can be used as the native language as Chinese Soundbooth is Unicode.

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