FREE Chinese Soundbooth YCT exams

Interactive exams giving students practice in listening and answering questions in Chinese.

The Youth Chinese Test (YCT) is designed for non-native speakers below the age of 15, i.e. for primary and secondary school pupils who learn Chinese as a second language; it is aimed at boosting confidence and obtaining a sense of pride in learning the language.

Level 1: for younger or beginner learners who have mastered a vocabulary of about 80 characters. Students can understand and use very basic Chinese words and sentences, and be able tocontinue to study Chinese.

There are three sets of sample exams which have been created for Chinese Soundbooth so learners can listen to the original audio and can then answer each question. Their  work is saved and can be assessed by a teacher.  The lessons and Chinese Soundbooth can be used within a school or college or can be given to students so they can practise at home so involving parents.

YCT example item

Students select the question. They follow the instructions and, in the case of listening exams listen to the audio, and then make their selection. They can repeat this as many times as they wish to improve their understanding.

The lessons are packaged in two sets for each exam, listening and reading.  

To install the lessons you will need to download Chinese Soundbooth and then the lesson packs which are installed as required.  A link to the downloads and full instructions can be obtained by emailing