Chinese SoundBooth Lesson Builder

Lesson Builder is a complete lesson authoring system enabling Chinese language teachers  or publishers to create lessons from existing or easily created resources.

Lessons are divided into items, up to 36 in any one lesson, so that a lesson can be designed to meet specific learning objectives. Lessons can be edited, shared and modified for different groups of learners. Exams can be simulated and as learners can listen to native speakers, and record their own voices, tone accuracy is improved.  The FREE Chinese SoundBooth player, supplied with Chinese Soundbooth Lesson Builder, can be used on most Macs and PCs

LB Chinese

A full guide to using Chinese Lesson Builder can be downloaded by clicking here

Items can contain text, graphics, selection boxes, drop down menus, text entry boxes, radio buttons to make limited selections, animated gifs and links to external resources.

These items will give you some idea of what can be created.  Original audio can be used with the simple addition of pauses to enable students to record.  All recordings are saved automatically in mp3 format and all entry is saved in web pages for assessment.

YCT Listening exams

A virtual Pinyin keyboard enables learners to write in pinyin in response to questions. The pinyin with tones can be copied into any text editor and used with Word Art for posters.

SB Screen pinyin

The programme is Unicode so Chinese can be taught from any other language.

Welsh SB